Self Hosted Headless CMS for building Content API

Easy to start and use content management system for your modern applications
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Self-hosted headless CMS


Elmapi is a self-hosted headless CMS built with Laravel and VueJs. It provides a clean and easy to use interface and a powerful Content API.

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a backend-only content management system that makes content accessible via an API. A traditional CMS typically combines the content and frontend of a website. Headless CMS is a decoupled system that comprises just the content component and focuses entirely on the administrative interface. One advantage of this decoupled approach is that content can be sent via APIs to multiple display types, like mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, alongside a website.

Built with:

PHP Laravel Vuejs Mysql Javascript
Get Started

Easy to Start

Elmapi provides easy to use ui to build your schema and create content for your applications.

  • Start a new project.

    Create a blank project or choose from template.

  • Build up your schema.

    Using easy ui build your schema within minutes.

  • Create Content.

    Write, edit and manage your content.

  • Access API

    Consume Content API from any client using REST

Start a new project
Build up your schema
Create Content
Access API
Available Fields

14 field types

14 field types
Asset Management

Media Library

Manage your assets with Elmapi's advanced media library.

Choose between your own storage or AWS S3 options.

AWS S3 Upload

Media Library
Quick Start

Example Frontend Project

Get started with an example BLOG project.


  • Self-hosted.
  • Including example project files.
  • Unlimitted collections.
  • Unlimitted content.
  • Unlimitted users.
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